The Cultural Language
of Creative Cooperation

Creativity is a Mystery.  ShowBiz is its subCulture.

Knock em dead!Kill the competition! Get out there and fight! Killer body!
America speaks a WIN:LOSE jargon of Sports and War.
When "winning" outweighs "success", you get Enron!
This mindset erodes your essential emotional health.

The alternative is ShowBizspeak. In Biz and in Life,
use this WIN:WIN language of Creative collaboration—
the only business vocabulary focused on solutions,
not just problems. Your ultimate tool for Teamwork!

Want to inspire Loyalty? Empower your people to feel
like they are making a genuine Creative Contribution!
The only Good Relationship is a Creative Relationship.
To make Great Art takes two people. One, a Great Artist.
The other, to tell the Artist when to stop!