Life Is Only A Movie.
So We Wrote These Scripts:

"Safe" Re-Makes of Proven Hits!

Hollywood says there are only (12) Stories to be told over and over. In your Industry, there are about (12) needs to be filled, over and over—Re-made. Re-packed. Re-habbed. Re-trained. Re-cycled. Re-stored. Re-issued. Re-tooled. Re-named...

When you make a Movie for under $5-million, you are (almost)
guaranteed some profits from the combined Media marketplaces
(U.S. & global cinema, Video/DVD, cable, and TV). I gots two!

MAKE MOVIES for emotional satisfaction only. Maybe break-even?
The way Hollywood keeps their books, Profit is not a wise incentive.
Pride. Social mix. Bragging rights. Hero worship. Tax write-off!

We don't want to make movies....
We want to get these Movies made:
To make Great Art takes two people. One, a Great Artist.
The other, to tell the Artist when to stop!