The Greatest Job
I Wouldn't Wish On Anyone.

Creativity has a cost.  ShowBiz sets the price.

Please don't do this if you merely aspire to be Famous. A Star.
There is only one reason to put your sanity at risk: you have to.

Creative rewards are what inspire and empower Best Efforts.
It sure ain't the money! 80% of the Screen Actors Guild earn
under $5,000 per year.  Corporations possess most Talent.
Sudden success destroys Talent. Stardom corrupts Talent.
ShowBiz devours Youth. Age erodes Talent—and refines some.

The Price of Fame is Your HappinessCreativity remains a deep spiritual reward we give our Self. Our choice to Make a Difference. The right to do a Good Thing is Soul food!

In the end, Creativity is very serious Fun.
The happiest, hardest work you will ever do.

To make Great Art takes two people. One, a Great Artist.
The other, to tell the Artist when to stop!