In Almost Every Way,
Every Biz is ShowBiz!

Lights-Camera-Action!TO MAKE A MOVIE you hire an army of mercenaries—a Cast and Crew of 40-200 strangers—each top-dollar Tech and Talent intending to leave their fingerprints all over your precious Project. That's why you hired them. That's why they accepted. Best adjust your attitude
to this New Reality: ShowBiz Teamwork!

$150-million for 2-hours of disposable Entertainment? Who says ShowBiz ain't
Deadly Serious Biz?

IN THE REAL WORLD the Business Schools at MIT, Harvard, and Stanford all teach the "perfect" model for any 21st Century Business: Grateful Dead Inc. ShowBiz is the only Strategy to master and control Chaos! The loyalty it engenders cannot be bossed nor bought.

To make Great Art takes two people. One, a Great Artist.
The other, to tell the Artist when to stop!