brazenly shy
Out Of Neccessity,
Not Out Of His Mind.

Dear "Killer"* Diller,

My Big Picture looks like a portrait of You.
Shouldn't one of us loudly sue the other?
Shall one of us now buy the other out?

I am so out of the loop, I did not know about WAMI
until last week. Just as well, because NOW is the
proper moment to blow your mind. With attitude.

This website is a sketchbook for The Bigger Picture.
Let me suggest this path through my forest of Pages:
*Reaching out to Kid Markets?
Plant profile pieces in Teen Beat.
Build a rep as rapper "Killer B".
Then release a CD with your
Trade Show talks remixed over
Big Band samples? Like that
Nortel CEO Brandcasting
"Come Together".

  1. Jan. 2, 2000: sell me Midn-6am on USA
  2. Fund my purchase. AND my Production costs, too!
  3. Run one Lifestyle infomercial to test Direct Sales.
  4. Hide fogBound at one of your 5 Attitude Stations.
  5. Jan. 2, 2001: launch remake of a Lifestyle rEvolution
  6. Do the same thing to MTV that FM did to AM!

Marc Arno

Librarian [hey Paul Allen!]
Project 501
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