The 7 Chakras


Let’s agree there is ONE Energy.
With Seven Chakras as scientific FACT.
“valves” or “spigots” which channel
your Energy with different harmonics
to stimulate specific aspects of your
body and your life.

Below is a very brief summary of
the traditional Chakra vibrations.
Go google a zillion links to find
a rainbow of Chakra websites.

1 - The Root

First Chakra – The Base (Root)

First Chakra - The Root

The Root Chakra provides stability and balance, health and dynamic presence.  Some say it is located outside of the body — 7″ below the groin. Probably true, but too delicate. Just like the 7th Chakra floats above your Crown. In OUR Reality, The Root is stuck up your ass. The anus.

Either way, picture your legs as the prongs on an electric plug. Even better: tines of a tuning fork, vibrating in tune with the Natural Energy flowing up from Mother Earth.

When the 1st Chakra is active and balanced: you are centered, grounded, feel healthy, physically active, and in love with Life.  When unbalanced: you may be too egotistic, domineering, greedy, biased and judgmental, perhaps sadistic. Sex is raw, genital.

When your Root Chakra is closed: With growing Fear, you lack confidence to achieve goals, feel unlovable with no interest in sex, and may become  masochistic, with a core sense of unworthiness and shame. To compensate, you buy and covet material things.

Develop your Root Chakra in  a student role, with a teacher, a shaman, a guru, or a life coach, mentor, or reality guide — a “sponsorship” type of relationship.

2 - The Loins

Second Chakra – Sacral (Sexuality)

Second Chakra - Sacral (Sexuality)

Your 2nd Chakra balances passions in emotional sexuality. Feelings flow freely without attachment when calm and present. Deeply sacred intimacy is the characteristic  of this elemental Water Chakra.

When your 2nd Chakra is balanced: You are more positive and friendly, with an intuitive concern for others. Laughter and compassion come natural. When imbalanced, it tends to be emotionally explosive, overly ambitious, and coldly manipulative. You believe in illusions, and people as mere sex objects.

When closed, a 2nd Chakra is timid, shy, or fearful. Overly sensitive and burdened by guilt. Your love is dependent and clinging; so guilty about having sex you may be abused, frigid or impotent.

Develop your Sacral Chakra within a deeper, wider, more “unconditional” Love.

3 - The Gut

Third Chakra – Solar Plexus (Stomach)

Third Chakra - Solar Plexus (Stomach)

3rd Chakra provides willpower and Respect.  When open, you face life without judgment or  commentary. You are skilful, intelligent, relaxed, spontaneous, and make confident choices. When unbalanced, it makes one a judgmental perfectionist, workaholic, and overly intellectual but sexually inhibited. Need drugs to relax, yet cannot show emotional warmth.

When your 3rd Chakra is closed, it brings on suspicion and depression, lacks confidence, and worries what others think. Confused,  insecure, jealous and afraid of being alone.

Develop your 3rd Chakra through Gratitude for experiences you didn’t want.

4 - The Heart

Fourth Chakra – The Heart (Emotions)

Fourth Chakra - The Heart (Emotions)

An open Heart Chakra means abundant Love for everyone and everything. It makes you a humanitarian — compassionate, empathetic and  nurturing, accepting of others. You give of yourself without expecting anything in return. When unbalanced, it makes one critical, demanding, moody, melodramatic, and possessive. You use money or sex to control people. A martyr complex with a master of conditional love.

When your 4th Chakra is closed, it makes one paranoid, indecisive, and afraid of letting go. You feel unworthy of love and sorry for yourself, terrified of rejection and need constant reassurance. You cannot be alone and you need others to support ans validate you.

Develop your Heart Chakra by learning the profound difference between “alone” and “lonely”.

5 - The Throat

Fifth Chakra – The Throat (Expression)

Fifth Chakra - The Throat (Expression)

The 5th Chakra gives honest and clear vocal expression. Expressions of truth, creativity, insights, and intuition are made clear to others. When open, you are centered by an ability to live in the present  with an excellent sense of timing.

If unbalanced, one may be arrogant, self-righteous, and talk too much. Dogmatic, unoriginal, with addictive tendencies. Your sexual energy is macho and prefer partners to be dominated.

When closed, it makes one quiet, inconsistent, unreliable, weak, devious, manipulative, timid, and scared. You express thoughts with excess emotion and hold unreasonable expectations. Religious guilt erodes your sexual desires.

Develop your 5th Chakra of Voice with silent Meditation, to be in The Moment.


6 - Third Eye

Sixth Chakra – The Brow (Intuition)

Sixth Chakra - The Brow (Intuition)

When open and developed this Chakra, symbolized by the element light, enhances true “psychic” energy which is the ability to incorporate experience and see a true perspective, or “the big picture”.. Archetypal levels of experience and vision are enabled and true wisdom is developed. Visionary experience is associated with this open Chakra. This Chakra expresses creative intelligence.


When your Brow Chakra is open and balanced:


You are charismatic, and can receive guidance. You are not attached to material things and have no fear of death. You are the master of yourself and the manifestation of your world. In your sexual energy you do not need another person to complete yourself. This does not mean that you self satify bit that your are as interested in the pleasure of another as well as your own.


When your Brow Chakra is open but unbalanced:


You have a tendency to be an egomaniac, and you are proud and manipulative. You may be religiously dogmatic, but otherwise an authoritarian.


When your Brow Chakra is closed:


You may be non assertive, undisciplined, and oversensitive to the feelings of others. You are afraid of success and may have strong schizophrenic tendencies.


Develop your 3rd Eye Chakra:


Tantra practice and the study and practice of Reiki is prescriptive for general Chakra balancing and development.More specific exercise to develop this Chakra may include the pracrtice of writing and journalling to begin to express the innate creative intelligence. Observing yourself and your propensity to reject guidance and teaching. Find a teacher, become a student, constantly learn and express what you have learned to others as a humble teacher.






7 - The Crown

Seventh Chakra – The Crown (Divinity)

Seventh Chakra - The Crown (Divinity)

When open this Chakra orients to self-knowledge, the pure knowledge of self as an expression of the universal consciousness. Pure awareness of the connection to and essential nature of all that exists is related to this developed Chakra. As thought is the element, this Chakra supports enlightenment and enhanced awareness of reality, of “what is”.


The crown Chakra is said to be located about 7″ above your head, actually outside of the body.


When your Crown Chakra is open and balanced:


Your life and expression is filled with miracles, and you transcend what the unenlightened call the “laws of nature”. You have total access to the conscious and the subconscious.


When your Crown Chakra is open but unbalanced:


You experience an almost constant sense of frustration, and your personal power is unrealized. You may have psychotic tendencies and/or experience depression.


When your Crown Chakra is closed:


You may be bi-polar, experience migraine headaches. You may have destructive tendencies, and extremism in your sexual expression. You are sometimes passionate but also often distant. The joy of life is missing, you may have even catatonic tendencies. You may simply have trouble making decisions.


Development of the Crown Chakra:


Tantra practice and the study and practice of Reiki is prescriptive for general Chakra balancing and development. Specific development for the Crown Chakra would include anything that enhances your awareness of your self as an expression of the pure divinity. The “god in heaven with the angels” hypothesis is much like the “santa in heaven with the elves.” Believe it if you want to, but it does nothing to encourage you to express the true “god” energy through open Chakras.







The only thing that closes a Chakra is you! And you expend precious life energy holding them closed while you apply various learned strategies to avoid those events you do not want and desire those that you do. It is the world that suffers from this as the only way that “god” exists in this world is if the energy of life is allowed free access to express itself into the world.